Toxic Green Glow In The Dark Epoxy Cable Reel Table

Retro/ Industrial style Unique Cable reel table with cast iron table base.

The table was made with an upcycled cable reel.
I hand carved the patterns, sanded smooth the pins around the edge, cleaned the holes and split areas and then layered the epoxy formula.

Each layer takes 24 hours to dry so with the 16 hours per layer of varnish also a lot of time and effort has gone into creating this unique one off table.
The table was covered on both sides with a high quality yacht varnish which gives a clear and smooth finish to the table top aswel as great protection both indoor or outdoor.

Would look great in a Garden or Conservatory where it can get lots of UV light to give a toxic green glow, alternatively you can use a UV bulb/torch to charge the light.
The darker it is the better the table glows.

The base is a restored black cast iron heavy table base.

Table size 100cm diameter table top
Overall height 71cm also.

Custom tables can be made to order either in one off designs or patterns.

Price: TBA Please enquire for more details or to discuss requirements.