Fix your LED Strip Light 44/24 Key remote

I posted this video to YouTube and since I’ve received lots of views and comments from users with thanks. 

The video is a handy guide to fixing both 24 and 44 key remotes when the keys no longer respond to the correct colour. 

How to reprogram the output of your 44/24 key LED light strip.

Overtime the remote can change its own output settings. Step 1: press the red key. Step 2: press the power off. Step 3: press fade 7 (or bottom right corner button). Step 4: turn power on, repeat steps 2,3+4 until led is red. Then you have completed the tutorial and your led remote will be reprogrammed.

(For 24 key use the bottom right button)

Common Questions
1. my lights only show two instead of three lights?

A. Chances are the controller box and remote needs replacing, these can be bought on eBay and Amazon. A temporary solution can work by wiggling the power cable in the controller box but not always.

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2. Does this work for both 24/44 key remotes?

A. Yes just use the bottom right button when lights are off. When pressed the lights should flash white quickly to indicate you have changed the pattern.

3. I have tried this but the colours have corrected only one colour and not the others.

A. Repeat the process until all colours are correct, it is random and can take 1-20 goes but usually 3-5 times on average.

4. The off button is not turning off the lights for me.

A. Check the battery in your remote, if other options work then chances are it’s your controller box/module that needs replacing which is very common. You can replace them easily and for free by using Prizerebel to pay for them

5. What is the most common fault with LED strips.

A. Often it is the controller box/module, they are cheaply made and often replacing this will restore operation.

The led strips tend to be ok and if burnt out they will go in sections that can be cut out and soldered together.

If you lose one colour then replace this module first.

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