Handmade Industrial Style Cable Reel Clock

Handmade Industrial Style Cable Reel Clock


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Hand made industrial style Cable Reel clock.

The cable reel features:
Hand made numbers using painted black screws (they were originally black but looked better with a darker black).
I was able to create Roman numerals using the screws by half screwing each screw in place.

For the centre of the reel and for the clock I used a silent extra longer spindle mechanism with large 39cm minute hand with smaller 31cm hour hand held together by a custom centre fitting made from an upcycled sprayed black disk saw blade and a small metal disk.

The final colour was carefully selected for its effect it gives over time.
The reel was finished with three coats in a dark stain beeswax which over time can produce an amazing rustic look.
The beeswax builds up in the gaps and creates a grey almost dusty look on the woodwork if the item is not cleaned/polished. This gives the item a very rustic aged look and gives great protection for the wood.
The reel can be polished using regular household polish or beeswax polish which brings out the colour again and hides the grey.

The Diameter of the whole clock is 79cm.

Price: TBA

These clocks can be made to order for a similar item or we can discuss other themes/ colours and incorporations into the design.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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