Industrial/ Shabby Ammo box Wine storage

Industrial/ Shabby Ammo box Wine storage


Ammo box converted wine bar/ holder.

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The Ammo Box design was perfect for a vintage and shabby look so the outside of the box was kept as close to original as possible after cleaning and denailing etc

The original handles help to keep the cabinet locked closed. With holes in the handle you could add an additional small padlock if necessary.

The inside was sanded and finished in an Indian rosewood stain which blends with the outside perfectly.

Inside I have built a small cubby hole with a pull down door. I cleaned the original webbing and used this to support the door along with a magnetic catch to keep in place.

The handle I have kept for over 15 years just waiting for the right project! Which again gives the piece a vintage/ authentic look.

The cubby hole is large enough to comfortably fit 9 regular sized wine glasses or a mixture of glasses/ wine bucket and accessories etc.

The wine bottles are supported by inserting the bottle into the holes in the side then gently resting on the relevant shelf.

This is enough support for the bottle however green webbing has been fitted for additional support and to finish the look.

I had cut and fitted three long bolts under the cubby hole to act as support rails to hook the webbing in place with special hooks.

The shelves were made from original stocks (these are the original supports that hold the guns and ammunition in place inside the ammo box) and were again sanded and finished in Indian rosewood.

The shelves were stepped in design and can accommodate different size bottles on different shelves. I used a few bottles as a template for this but I’m sure bottles can vary.

To ensure the door would open and close the box was lifted from the floor on small feet made from the pieces cut from the side. These give a subtle lift and help support the unit.

The original hinges are still easy to open and not stiff.

I incorporated LEDs into the design and after some research I was able to source the best quality waterproof LEDs that are connected to a battery pack below the bottom shelf which I have modified a magnetic window switch to. This gives a feature to open the door and the LEDs switch on which helps to save battery life. With a good set of duracells these will last for ages.
The LEDs have multiple pattern combinations and can act as great mood lighting.

This is a completely One Off item and a real centrepiece/ talking point.

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