Genuine 1945 British WW2 Ammo Box Chest / Trunk

Genuine 1945 British WW2 Ammo Box Chest / Trunk


British 1945 World War 2 WW2 Artillery Fuse Ammo Box Repurposed Chest / Trunk

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This one off piece of furniture is where my love of Repurposing Ammo boxes came from.
I purchased a tatty old Ammo Box that was probably destined for the skip eventually as the salvage yard was closing down. But I seen potential to clean it up and repurpose it.
I had no tools at the time and invested a lot into tools and materials for my new found hobby.

To start with I had to take out all the old nails that were sticking out and then got to work stripping the old lead paint away and sanding(which was a nightmare but made me more determined not to give up).
As the piece started to clean up nicely I was able to apply the treatments and clean up the piece leaving the outer paint on the front, back and sides.

I wanted to keep this outer paint protected and part of the design so I applied multiple coats of clear varnish carefully sanding between coats.

Once I managed to remove the paint from the inside I painted it black inside and set to staining the lid and fitting a magnetic catch. I had a small dented hole in the lid which I was able to cover with the magnetic fitting plate keeping the trunk lid closed securely.

As time went on I decided the metal handles had to go and I purchased some jute rope to make the handles.
I remember my late grandfather showing me how to whip handles together and I impressed myself how well they turned out on this project.

As I spent a lot of time on this project and a lot of money I wanted to give it some legs that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and set about with various wooden handmade designs, however before fitting them I came across an antiques shop who had 5 Bullet shells for £90.
I knew straight away these would be the pieces I needed to finish the Ammo Box.
I tried to leave the shop but my legs would not let me and with a bit of haggling I walked away with the 5 shells for £80.

Once adapted to fit as legs the shells finish the piece off as a very unique piece of furniture.

Money and time was no object on getting it to look right.
Even the decommission label that was on the inside was used as part of the design to make this perfect.

For me it was all about preserving the history, I wanted to make a piece that can be functional but still hold the history of what is a box that is atleast 80 years old!

I like the thought that this box has not rotted away and can continue being useful for a long time to come.

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